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Why get a gift card?

No more trawling through online recommendations: Fever finds the best of New York for you. All experiences are handpicked and quality assured so that you can make unforgettable memories.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler. After you purchase the gift card, we’ll send you an email with a code. This is the code that will be added to the account of the person who you give the gift card to. And that’s it! It’s ready to be used on any Fever experience until it the credit runs out.

Gift New York - Fever Gift Card | Fever Gift card
Two-click purchase process Icon Two-click purchase process

Easy, quick and safe.

International validity Icon International validity

Fever is available in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the US!

No printing Icon No printing

All your tickets can be found and used on the app

24-hour customer support Icon 24-hour customer support

Whatever the issue, our friendly team is there 24/7

Customized recommendations Icon Customized recommendations

The more you use Fever, the more personalized your event recommendations become

Frequently asked questions

Any doubts? Here are the some common questions.
How does it work
  1. Select the value of the gift card that you want.
  2. After purchasing the gift card, you’ll receive an email with the gift card and a code.
  3. You then choose who to give the gift card to so that they can activate the Fever gift card on their account.
  4. The gift card is ready to be used on any experience of your choice!
Which events and experiences can I use the code on?
All events and experience until the credit runs out.
When is it valid till?
1 year
Are there physical Fever gift cards?
Not right now, but we’re working on it.